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Hospitality Management - Stratton Security Company - Security Guards in Dallas, TX

“At Encore Management, our dedicated team of professionals provide exceptional care and innovative solutions that go beyond traditional property management.”

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Hospitality Management

Hospitality Management

At Encore Management, our highly skilled leadership team offers the resources and expertise to achieve your unique business goals. We specialize in developing personalized solutions and Lifestyle Enhancement Opportunities. Our distinctive approach – both direct and sincere – will drive results to overcome obstacles, grow profit margins, reposition brands and create a superior customer focused experience.

Our accomplished organization optimizes its in-house resources to minimize risks, ensuring maximum returns for hotels, condominiums and homeowner associations.

From hotels and resorts of all types to high-rise condominiums and master planned homeowner associations, our in-house hospitality professionals carefully manage each element of the process including: due diligence, entitlements, planning, architecture, engineering, construction, administration and advisory services to elevate the operations of each property.


Vision is painting a clear picture of an idea that inspires people into action. Encore Management has the unique ability to translate vision into reality. Working collaboratively, we will ensure success by identifying and developing your unique concepts through to implementation.


A brand is an experience…
It is a set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another. Encore Management can help identify your brand identity and effectively deliver your vision to the appropriate target audiences.

Our team will ensure that your message conveys your vision by reviewing the information you display. Our strategic review includes public relations, printed and digital collateral, marketing and media, website, interior and exterior advertising and all guest touch-points. Creating brand synergy that effectively supports your vision is vital for success.


When developing a brand, one of the most important considerations is your mission. It is your mission that should be the driving theme for everything that your business does. Knowing your mission will accelerate your brand like nothing else can. Together, we will assist you by focusing in on the key elements that drive your operation and help execute that component of your brand.


A brand identity is the face of your business. It represents your company’s values, services, ideas and personality. It can generate loyalty from your guests and make your employees proud to work for you. We will help you to clearly differentiate yourself from the competition, putting you in a class of your own.



  • An approach that serves all types of Hotels & Resorts.
  • Rate structure optimization to manipulate Market Mix for optimal revenue generation.



  • Review of Market Data and Competitive Rates.
  • Review of Production, Pricing and Pace for areas of opportunity.
  • Analysis of Strategy, Room Statistics and Demand Factors



  • Develop and Monitor Sales and Pricing Strategies
  • Weekly Detailed Revenue Management meetings to direct: Pricing, E-Commerce, Distribution Channels, Comp Set Pricing Review and Group Pace.
  • Drive Bookings through Web Booking Engines, GDS, CRS and PMS Systems.


One of the crucial functions of sales and marketing is to analyze the market and develop strategies that capture market share and deliver memorable occasions. Many companies have a reasonably effective sales effort in place, but few have the creativity needed to truly separate themselves from the competition.


Encore Management will

  • Assess the market to identify a unique business model
  • Address any areas of opportunity and look ahead to long term action plans
  • Analyze the psychological aspects of delivering an effective product internally and within the competitive set.
  • Break down the various market segments and enact a plan for each one
  • Produce distinctive opportunities to enhance the overall experience


Encore Management understands the goals of our investors as well as the complexity that hotel operators face in today’s competitive hotel environment. As hotel owners and operators ourselves, we are able to identify opportunities and implement solutions efficiently and immediately.  All while preserving asset value and increasing operating profits.


Our operational expertise shows through because we adhere to standards that are considerably higher and more service driven than the broader industry standards that most hotels settle for. We better train and execute on the frontline levels. We possess the creativity and foresight, through the use of psychology and other intangible methods, to deliver a product that creates memorable experiences.  With this, our guests enjoy a higher and more consistent level of anticipatory service, quality assurance, facility condition and hotel cleanliness. We excel in working with owners, institutions, and managers to come up with an effective plan for the hotel to maximize & preserve asset value and return on investment (ROI).

Our hotel management service provides a great full service solution for our clients. Some of our value proposition includes:

  • Financial Statement Analysis & Benchmarking
  • Employee Handbooks & Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Anticipatory Service Delivery Training
  • Budgeting & Revenue Goals
  • Purchase / Procurement Solution & Portfolio Preferred Pricing
  • Weekly Snapshot Reporting
  • Hotel Operations Task Calendars & Checklists
  • Management Coaching & Staff Training
  • Brand Management & Quality Assurance


In order for our restaurants succeed, we adhere to the three fundamental principles of: Creativity, Quality and Consistency. These same principles apply to liquor outlets, room service and banquets.



Each hotel’s location has a unique location, target market and local culture that is taken into consideration with each outlet. Our ability to identify those special characteristics allow us to develop distinct and creative environments in our restaurants, lounges and catered events.


Quality is defined by the people we hire, the products we purchase and the service we provide. We select our employees carefully and provide extensive training, skill reinforcement and supervision. We look for individuals with a “servant’s heart” and a true passion for service. Only the highest quality products are used in our restaurants, lounges and meeting/banquet space because we demand it and we train our employees to find it.



The customer experience is all about every customer service touchpoint in your organization, working together as one to do everything possible to make the customer’s day. A great customer experience is genuine, heartfelt, sincere, and above all it is consistent. We maintain consistency by training and recruiting a qualified, service-centric and caring staff and by implementing the right procedures and systems into the entire operation.